BTN State Laws

This text was about how federal and state government disagree on laws.States use to be separate colonises but they came together.Now each state and territories have their own pavements leaders and their own laws! some times Australia’s two levels of government make different laws about the same thing.

I understand that federal over rules state!

Do local governments get a say in new laws like same sex mirage?

Do the local always get a say in new laws?





100wc week 7 term 1

CRASH! I went out side to see what the noise was and saw a giant teacup half in the ground! I ran up to it and touched it but it sucked me into this weird place. At first I thought it was a fairy land but when I got in the land it looked more like a kitchen. I looked around and sore a man drinking tea. I looked at the the teacup and and it looked similar and realised it was the teacup from before. At that point a face emerged from the cup it looked at me and winked!

BTN levels of government

This BTN was about the 3 levels of government. The different levels of government are federal, state and local.

Federal government looks after defending the country, money and taxes and the environment.

State government looks after Australia’s 6 states and 2 territories, police force and roads.

Local government looks after local roads, pets and permits.

I understand that Australia didn’t have 3 levels of government in the old days.

Are there any people that want to govern the country differently?

When Captain Arthur Phillip landed in Australia how did he govern the country?




100wc week 6 term 1

If I was in charge?…Lots of people would want to make everyone have a cat or something but i would only take away the bad things like drugs and annoying animals(flys and mosquitoes)but apart from that i like the way the world is. I don’t really have anything else to say. I know that bad things happen sometimes but we get over it. As kids we always want something but cant get it. But then we get older and we can get it, it’s just the way life works. I can’t explain just how much i like planet earth!

BTN voting age

This Btn was about how old you need to be to vote. Right now you need to be 18 or over but bill shorten wants to let 16 and 17’s get a say! This is already a thing in some countries like: Scotland, Germany, Switzerland. I understand that you have to vote because it is against the law!


people say that we should teach them more about politics before they start voting others say that politicians could help by speaking to young people and about issues that matter to them.




questions-green(I didn’t know what to write because I didn’t have any questions)

100wc week 5 term1

You know how walking under a ladder is bad luck, well my dad walked under one when got home from getting a goldfish. He said that when he was a kid he had a goldfish named Bob that had an infinite flew. He also said that he had a slight brown moustache.One day it jumped slowly into his breakfast and ate most of it! He said that at that point he didn’t want Bob anymore. he flushed him down the toilet. He regretted doing that the next day. he cried all week and wanted him back, luckily Bob came back!

BTN Aussie day

This btn was about Australia day. go here for the vidio

Australia day is a celebration of Australia on January 26. It represents when captain author fillip and  the first fleet landed in camp cove and claimed Australia. But he wasn’t the only one there, there were aboriginals. For them this day is about sadness and protest. But it was once called foundation day. One day 15 thousand aboriginal protested once.It is also a public holiday. This day is about Australia being Australian!


I think we should change the name of the day to invasion day because the aboriginals were here first!


S.R.C letter


Hi my name is Joel and I would like to be S.R.C because I love being a leader. I love sharing my ideas and I am a confident speaker. I will protest to put toilets close to the oval so you don’t have to run all the way to the prep toilets then run back to your important soccer game! I also will make sure that the S.R.C keep up the great fun raisers. Having me as an S.R.C rep will mean that I will use all of your ideas!

I will make sensible decisions on new fun raises. 5/6 Art/drawing club will be the next club for 5/6’s. 3/4 sports club but with something like soccer games and football games. Prep to 2’s will do movie club with a lot newer movies. Also I think a teachers VS kids sports day would be cool idea for a whole day and it’s a comp!

And this is why I think that having me be your S.R.C rep will be great!


This BTN was about democracy. Democracy is were other people get to vote on something new. Democracy was first started in ancient Greece. Also democracy is the most popular form of government.

It said that “ancient Greece was one of the first country to experiment with new ways to lead their people” who were the others? Did democracy get popular quickly or slowly?

I understand that there are different forms of government in different countries!





100wc week 4 term 1

On Saturday Sam and I went to the park to play soccer. We started to play when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I turned as quick as i could to see what had moved. When i turned i saw a lot of weird tree things they all wobbled to me and Sam! “RUN!” I shouted to Sam but he was already gone. I tuned to see Sam being held by the weird tree things! The weird tree things ran off with Sam. That day was a scary day and I never saw Sam again!