The epic hats! By Joel!

Broom! Broom! “You go Joel!” Aiden tells me as I vroomed up my engine!3!2!1!Go! I was off! I zoomed to the ball and smashed it! “I got a goal” I yell as I do my victory dance! “Its 1-0!” Aiden says as we started our engines! “You go Aiden and I will go and blow up the other the other team!” I say as we both start to laugh!

“I got hot wheels!” Aiden says as I do an epic save! “Go use it on someone!” I say as I see a dude go zooming around! “I got plunger!” I say to Aiden as he does an epic save! “I’m coming around to you Aiden!” I say as I smash it t Aiden. “He shoots he scores!” Aiden shouts! “Win by forfeit!” We both shout at the same time! “I got pixelated sunglasses!!!” I yell!

“Another match?” I ask Aiden! “Defiantly!” Aiden says back! 3! 2! 1! GO! “Watch this!” I say as I use grappling hook! “BOOM!” I say as I jump off the couch! “You go Aiden!” I say as I grab some boost! “Bang!” Aiden shouts as he scores our second goal! “Me go!” I say but before I can hit it the other team scores! “This looks like a harder match!” Aiden tells me! “Yeah!” I say back a bit worried! “2-1, we have to win!” I Shout! “Pineapple!” I yell as I score our next goal! “Another win by forfeit!” I say as we do our victory dances! “O.M.G! I got the hot wheels shark hat!!! I sy jumping for joy!




prompt: i couldn’t eat something so…..

The link to the 100 word challenge site

I was there at the fair looking at all the rides. But the only reason I was here was to eat one thing, fariyfloss. I dashed to the stand and bought 78 sticks of fariyfloss! NOM!NOM!NOM! I ate 77 sticks and had one left! “I can’t! But I have to! But can’t! But will!” I say as the wind blew in my hair!” GOLP! MMMMMMMM! That was tasty!Now lets go to the high-fly dropper!” I say walking to the high-fly dropper! I get on and it starts! Going up! Going down! I think I am going to vomit! BLERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!