The Argument

“What?!?” I yelled in confusion “I ordered chicken ‘n’ chips and you gave me a beef burger”

“I’m sorry we don’t give re-funds” Said the employee.

“Well can I have my money back?”




“I hate you!”


“Well you took that like a man.”

“I am a man.”

“You look like a girl.”

“Your mean.”

“No your mean”


“I hate Yummy House.” I said as I left Yummy House.

100 word challenge-Alice dreaming!


The bus to the play was good but a bit boring!


Before the play we were outside playing tiggy it was fun but the play was better!


Alice dreaming was a great play by Mount Alexander College!

It was about a girl named Alice who wanted friends!

It was a drama play and it was Alice in wonderland crossed with the wizard of OZ!


I liked it because all the actors looked great with their drama and with their costumes were great!


The bus back to school was so boring because the driver took the long way back!