100wc term 2 week 2

It was Friday afternoon when Jeff and Fred had just come out of school and wanted to go into the woods to play. They had a secret hideout at the top of the thickest and highest tree there. But when they got there they found a big wooden legs thing in the tree! They didn’t know what it was doing there, so they walked right past it and went to play with their action figures. They also played cards (Fred won 6-4). But the best part was bird watching, it was Jeff’s favourite. The next day the legs were gone!


4 thoughts on “100wc term 2 week 2

  1. Hi Joel,
    I really like this challenge. It was a bit of a comedy/mystery story. I do think you could have done a different genre because this 100wc was a lot like all of the others your write. It was still a really good story.

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