100wc term 2 week 4

it was Tuesday where me and Fred were at school. They were in a maths lesson were a U.F.O smashed into the school play ground. The whole school didn’t notice until I found out “when did it arrive” I asked Fred.

“Don’t know. Should we tell a teacher?”

“No, lets keep this our little secrete.”

Well at least it was a secrete for a bit because at my school thing spread fast all of a sudden a crane was at my school taking the U.F.O away. Me and Fred grew up to be the first people to go to mars!

One thought on “100wc term 2 week 4

  1. Great story idea Joel. I love the way you included humour with the part about “our little secret”. You need to re-read the first paragraph and edit it. You start by writing in the first person (me and Fred), then you talk about “they were in a lesson”. Decide whose point of view you are writing from and keep it consistent (unless you are specifically writing from different perspectives, like in the book “Wonder”).

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