100wc week6 term3

Ding! Dong! The doorbell rang as I rushed to the door, “It’s here!” I shouted.

“I need you to sign here and here.” The post man said in a deep voice.

I did as he said then took the envelope, opened it and as I read the contents of the letter I was aware of the smile on my face!

“I won! I won!” I screamed as I ran around the house.

“Won what?” My sister asked.

“Yeah, what are you screaming about” my parents said walking in.

“I won a free trip to Hollywood!” I told them!


100wc week 5 term 3

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” I shouted as I smashed my Xbox into pieces. I was playing Rocket League when I was losing to a noob. Then I started to think why would I do that? My brother came in and started to cry. He got very angry and I got in a lot of trouble. I have been banned for a year from using any electronics and I had to by a new Xbox for my brother. My friends now think I have rage issues and call me ‘Sir Ragealot’. On my birthday I didn’t get any presents, because people think I don’t deserve them!

100wc week 4 term 3

Last night I was at a restaurant with my family. We had just gotten our drinks and I was looking at my cola, I looked at the ice and lime in the cup and I saw faces appear they looked at me with flames in their eyes.

“AHHHHHH!” I shrieked, I looked at the clock and saw what time it was, 9:00pm.

I looked back at my glass and the face was gone.

“Are you ok Joel?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry”


P.S: This regularly happens to me!

P.P.S: Based on a true story! (The restaurant part not the eyes!)

100 wc week 1 term 3

Poof a magic door suddenly appeared in front of me. I thought about going in but decided to stay away because I could see on the other side there was a volcano. I could feel the heat from where I was standing, I started to sweat so I walked away from the door and pulled out my wand. Zap, ZAP, ZAP! I shot my magic lightning bolts at the door but it didn’t work. So I built a shed around it and left it there! In the morning I went back to see if it was there, but luckily it was gone!