The 50/50 Button! By Joel Simmons!

Ding Dong!

“It’s here!” I shouted I ran to the door! On the weakened I bought the 50/50 button, the last one of the series!

I opened it and threw the instructions out. Then smashed the button with my fist! I was pulled into the button and found myself in an egg. It started to crack…


The egg opened and I saw a dragon’s eye! It opened its mouth and fire came bursting out!

“I’m guessing this is a bad thing.” I screamed running from the fire! The button was in the corner of my eye, I turned and ran to it. As I jumped flying through the air I smashed the button…

HELP! I gasped for air, I was running out of air. CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! I saw my dog Bob eat threw the substance and enjoying it! The only thing bob likes is… cake!

I had a bite and it tasted like chocolate cake! NOM! NOM! NOM! I ate threw the cake with extreme speed!

Finally I was out, and there it was the button!

“Wonder where I’m going to go next!”


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