2018 Reflection!

This year was amazing! I had so much fun learning new things with my friends. We learnt about:


  • The government when we went to Cambera for camp and in class!
  • Space and how the solar system works threw BTN!
  • Natural disasters and how to survive against them!
  • Chemical change and what type of chemicals change with other chemicals!


  • P.T (Public Transport) challenge!
  • Geometry!
  • Graphing!
  • We used our hot maths books a lot. Which is hot maths in a book!
  • Problem solving (no clue why it was in our maths book not thinking skills or a separate book)!


  • We did reading reflection which was fun-is!
  • We did a bit reciprocal teaching!

Home work:

  • 100wc- on blogs!
  • BTN- on blogs!
  • Debates and speeches!
  • Lit cycles ( they are not LIT)! Sometimes we did it in class time!

Leadership roles:

  • Green team!
  • SRC!
  • House captain!
  • Green team captain!
  • School captain!

Random stuff:

  • Buddies!
  • NAPLAN on our computers!
  • Coding robots!
  • Lost summer!
  • Makerspace!
  • How he did awards was different!
  • Some of our work was on OneNote (it is like word but better)!
  • Gala and winter sports!


Advice for year 5’s: The work may look hard but remember that the teachers teach you very well so don’t worry! I am not Shure but for me and a few others think that the camp activities might be a bit scary so you don’t have to do them (some are like walking down a mountain and swimming in deep water with seals)! But it is your choice!


What the teachers did well was nearly everything. But rher were some times when I talked to a teacher about an incerdent and they didn’t do anything, Most of the time it was a 5/6 teacher. And the teachers should look out for people playing games/ doing the wrong thing on computers!


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