About Me

Hi my name is joel and I am in grade four!

1.I have a youtube acount called Gengar gaming123!

2.I like pokemon!

3.I play basketball!

4.I have been to harry potter world!

5.I am a gamer and i LOVE video games and youtube!

6.I like chilly coated salami!

7.I do swimming!

8.I like to mix food!

9.My favourite holiday is london!

10.I like to draw!

11.I am a North Melbourne suporter!

12.I play the drums and the xilophone!

13.My favorite number is 5!

14.I like soccer!

15.I have one cat!

16.My favourite animal is the tapier!

17.I think I am doubble jointed!

18.I am awesome!

19.I have a fear of hights!

20.I like spiders walking on my arm!

This is my teachers blog! Go say hi!!!http://candicesclass.global2.vic.edu.au/