100wc week 3 term 1


One day I was racing to the shops to buy meat for dinner with my dog Jack. We were moving very fast when a giant chipmunk came out of nowhere and started to chase us an…   “Wait, a giant chipmunk started to chase you?” I asked.

“Yes, as i have said it is a true story.” Replied Sam. He winked his eye at me but i didn’t know why.

“Ok, keep reading” I said

And then a dragon swooped down and saved us. He burned the giant chipmunk and all that was left was a huge piece of meat! dinner is served!



100WC sort of


I am scary

but I only drink dairy

I like pie

and see people die

I found a pickle

and gave it a tickle

I live with my mum

she is pretty dumb

there was a cow!



100 word challenge-Alice dreaming!



The bus to the play was good but a bit boring!


Before the play we were outside playing tiggy it was fun but the play was better!


Alice dreaming was a great play by Mount Alexander College!

It was about a girl named Alice who wanted friends!

It was a drama play and it was Alice in wonderland crossed with the wizard of OZ!


I liked it because all the actors looked great with their drama and with their costumes were great!


The bus back to school was so boring because the driver took the long way back!



prompt: i couldn’t eat something so…..

The link to the 100 word challenge site https://100wc.net/

I was there at the fair looking at all the rides. But the only reason I was here was to eat one thing, fariyfloss. I dashed to the stand and bought 78 sticks of fariyfloss! NOM!NOM!NOM! I ate 77 sticks and had one left! “I can’t! But I have to! But can’t! But will!” I say as the wind blew in my hair!” GOLP! MMMMMMMM! That was tasty!Now lets go to the high-fly dropper!” I say walking to the high-fly dropper! I get on and it starts! Going up! Going down! I think I am going to vomit! BLERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!