100wc term 2 week 5




*Yawn* It was Friday when Joel was in bed. He asked his dad if he could go to the zoo, and see the lions! When they got there Joel asked his dad to take him to the lions. But when they got there were no lions, all there was was a vacuum thing.


I picked it up and turned it on. It began to shake, and it shacked so much I dropped it. *WOOSH* out came a beautiful lion that leaped in a graceful way! The lion is our pet now and we now own a pet store with lions!

100wc term 2 week 4

it was Tuesday where me and Fred were at school. They were in a maths lesson were a U.F.O smashed into the school play ground. The whole school didn’t notice until I found out “when did it arrive” I asked Fred.

“Don’t know. Should we tell a teacher?”

“No, lets keep this our little secrete.”

Well at least it was a secrete for a bit because at my school thing spread fast all of a sudden a crane was at my school taking the U.F.O away. Me and Fred grew up to be the first people to go to mars!

100wc term 2 week 3

The crimson blood dripped onto the floor while Frank called an ambulance. It was a misty day when Dave and Frank had there twentieth anniversary for Dave’s books. They asked every employee to go to the nearest bar. Everyone shouted frantically and went crazy! But then it happened, Bob dropped his glass of wine and some of the glass went into his leg and he fell onto the table! Unfortunately Bob Died on the way to the hospital. Me and frank go to his grave every Sunday and give him something as a gift. Then Dave’s books disappeared!

100wc term 2 week 2

It was Friday afternoon when Jeff and Fred had just come out of school and wanted to go into the woods to play. They had a secret hideout at the top of the thickest and highest tree there. But when they got there they found a big wooden legs thing in the tree! They didn’t know what it was doing there, so they walked right past it and went to play with their action figures. They also played cards (Fred won 6-4). But the best part was bird watching, it was Jeff’s favourite. The next day the legs were gone!


100wc term 2 week 1

It was Sunday morning when bob and Jeremy went out into the forest to explore. They thought it would be good to climb the trees. But when they started to climb a grizzly bear came out of no were and made bob fell of the tree onto the ground. Jeremy jumped down to save bob, but bob was already running ahead. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. They ran home to see their house destroyed by an angry 11 year old boy whose computer is clearly stuffed. Then the bear came and ate Bob! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

100wc week 8 term 1

It was a Sunday morning when Bob and Fred went to the park next to the woods to play some footy! While they were playing Bob saw a mysterious figure running into the woods! They followed it and found out it was a girl. She looked about 9 years old. The figure gestured them to follow, so they did. They had come to a stop when thy reached a big wall. They looked up to see the girl.How did she get up there was the question they were thinking. She floated down and zapped them. It seemed it was a dream!

100wc week 7 term 1

CRASH! I went out side to see what the noise was and saw a giant teacup half in the ground! I ran up to it and touched it but it sucked me into this weird place. At first I thought it was a fairy land but when I got in the land it looked more like a kitchen. I looked around and sore a man drinking tea. I looked at the the teacup and and it looked similar and realised it was the teacup from before. At that point a face emerged from the cup it looked at me and winked!

100wc week 6 term 1

If I was in charge?…Lots of people would want to make everyone have a cat or something but i would only take away the bad things like drugs and annoying animals(flys and mosquitoes)but apart from that i like the way the world is. I don’t really have anything else to say. I know that bad things happen sometimes but we get over it. As kids we always want something but cant get it. But then we get older and we can get it, it’s just the way life works. I can’t explain just how much i like planet earth!

100wc week 5 term1

You know how walking under a ladder is bad luck, well my dad walked under one when got home from getting a goldfish. He said that when he was a kid he had a goldfish named Bob that had an infinite flew. He also said that he had a slight brown moustache.One day it jumped slowly into his breakfast and ate most of it! He said that at that point he didn’t want Bob anymore. he flushed him down the toilet. He regretted doing that the next day. he cried all week and wanted him back, luckily Bob came back!

100wc week 3 term 1

One day I was racing to the shops to buy meat for dinner with my dog Jack. We were moving very fast when a giant chipmunk came out of nowhere and started to chase us an…   “Wait, a giant chipmunk started to chase you?” I asked.

“Yes, as i have said it is a true story.” Replied Sam. He winked his eye at me but i didn’t know why.

“Ok, keep reading” I said

And then a dragon swooped down and saved us. He burned the giant chipmunk and all that was left was a huge piece of meat! dinner is served!