2018 Reflection!

This year was amazing! I had so much fun learning new things with my friends. We learnt about:


  • The government when we went to Cambera for camp and in class!
  • Space and how the solar system works threw BTN!
  • Natural disasters and how to survive against them!
  • Chemical change and what type of chemicals change with other chemicals!


  • P.T (Public Transport) challenge!
  • Geometry!
  • Graphing!
  • We used our hot maths books a lot. Which is hot maths in a book!
  • Problem solving (no clue why it was in our maths book not thinking skills or a separate book)!


  • We did reading reflection which was fun-is!
  • We did a bit reciprocal teaching!

Home work:

  • 100wc- on blogs!
  • BTN- on blogs!
  • Debates and speeches!
  • Lit cycles ( they are not LIT)! Sometimes we did it in class time!

Leadership roles:

  • Green team!
  • SRC!
  • House captain!
  • Green team captain!
  • School captain!

Random stuff:

  • Buddies!
  • NAPLAN on our computers!
  • Coding robots!
  • Lost summer!
  • Makerspace!
  • How he did awards was different!
  • Some of our work was on OneNote (it is like word but better)!
  • Gala and winter sports!


Advice for year 5’s: The work may look hard but remember that the teachers teach you very well so don’t worry! I am not Shure but for me and a few others think that the camp activities might be a bit scary so you don’t have to do them (some are like walking down a mountain and swimming in deep water with seals)! But it is your choice!


What the teachers did well was nearly everything. But rher were some times when I talked to a teacher about an incerdent and they didn’t do anything, Most of the time it was a 5/6 teacher. And the teachers should look out for people playing games/ doing the wrong thing on computers!



“Run Jim!” Bob shouted.

They were running a lap around their school oval in preparation for the fun run! Huff puff was the sound they made when they got to the finish line.

“Run another lap!” their teacher said. But they were exhausted.

“We can’t run another lap” they said. “We are exhausted!”

“But you have to” she said.

“What if I sang you a poem, would that change your mind?” Jim said.

“Give it your best shot!”

“Tired legs

Sore hands

Sweaty face

On land.

Help me

Please help

I need

A belt!”

“Ok you can take a break!”


We were walking around New York when we noticed a camera. We were being videoed!

“We seemed to be on the television.” my brother said! “

“I know isn’t it cool!” I replied

But then I wondered why, I looked around but saw no famous people, then I remembered I am Ed Sheeran son, of course I’m famous. I say hi to the camera, do some backflips and sing a duo with my brother. Then we say bye, do some front flips and walk away!

“Wow that was crazy!” I say.

“I know right!” he says right back to me!

100wc week3 term 4

WOOSH! Everyone screamed as the giant yellow gorilla chased the three pretty girls holing bricks. They were running so fast, but so was the gorilla!

I found out about this when I was coming home capturing a crocodile. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a giant yellow gorilla chasing the three pretty girls holding bricks!

I got out my net to chase after it. But it ate me.

So in five minutes I will be a big blob of poop.

Five minutes later.

Finally I am free of my curse, now time to get that yellow gorilla!

100wc week2 term4

“GET OUT OF MY ROOM” I shouted at my sister as she crushed my new lego tower.

“Why should I?” She asked with nasty grin on her face.

Because i said so!” I shouted. “Mum, Phoebe is being mean to me!”

She turned back to me with anger in her eyes, I could see she wanted to punch my nose off! My mum instantly walked into the room.

“What’s wrong?!” She shouted

“Phoebe broke my lego tower.”

“I didn’t mean to.” She said with her cute puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t give me that look I know you are lying Phoebe!

100wc week1 term4

Boom! The car exploded and I went flying. It reminded me of the time I broke my toy car then fell on my face. Ow I hit my head on the solid concrete, I got up and ran for cover. The police were after me, I was carrying my cash on my shoulder as I ran. BANG! BANG! I was hit, blood came bursting out of my arm. I got in my van and drove as fast as I could. But they were too fast, they caught me in a matter of seconds. Now I spend my life in prison!

100wc week9 term 3

Whoosh. I jumped in the air hoping to grab the rope. The lava was coming and I started to scream, heat rushed to my face with each second passing. I jumped again but still missed, the lava was really close and I started to cry.

I jumped. Flying through the air, heat on my face I griped the rope. I was so exhausted from all my attempts that I didn’t have the strength to move. I glanced around trying to find land. I saw some bricks that I could jump to.


1, 2, 3… GO!

I went flying, but landed!

100wc week8 term3

Yesterday I and my brother went to the pet store to buy an animal. They had chameleons there and we bought one. Its colour was blue, I wish it was a different colour. But what colour should it be?


It changer colour. It was now green.


It was RAINBOW!!!

“Hey, chameleon dude, Can you stay that colour!” I told it.

“Sure.” It said.

“Wow, you can talk!?”

“Yeah, I am what is called an English flip-flop chameleon!

“Hey you two lets go home, mum will get worried and we will get in lots of trouble.” My brother said.

100wc week7 term3

“Dinners ready” my dad shouted as I ran down the stairs. He had mad bright pink beef, “is this cooked?”

“Not really “he said but it’s all we got’

I nervously took a bite of the beef.

“Mmmmmmmm” I said wanting to vomit “that filled me up.”

I quickly got up, grabbed the recipe and ran to the river. I threw the piece of paper into the river and made sure my dad could not get it.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He shouted. “You are grounded for ever!!!!

“At least don’t have to eat that again.”

“Oh, there’s more where that came from!”

100wc week6 term3

Ding! Dong! The doorbell rang as I rushed to the door, “It’s here!” I shouted.

“I need you to sign here and here.” The post man said in a deep voice.

I did as he said then took the envelope, opened it and as I read the contents of the letter I was aware of the smile on my face!

“I won! I won!” I screamed as I ran around the house.

“Won what?” My sister asked.

“Yeah, what are you screaming about” my parents said walking in.

“I won a free trip to Hollywood!” I told them!