BTN don’t panic

This BTN was about two family facing fake natural disasters! The Mathews family were facing a bush fire and the other family were facing a cyclone! In a cyclone you should not drive! In a bush fire you should not climb on the roof! What was the worst bush fire in Australia? Are there cyclones in Australia?

Fill the bath with water in a bush fire and stay inside in a cyclone! I understand that practising for a natural disaster is a good idea!

BTN Cape Town water crisis

This BTN was about the Cape Town water crisis. In Cape Town the water is running low and might be shut down soon. I understand that you can run out of water when in a drought. People get really excited when rain comes in Cape Town because there will be more water. This has been going for a couple of years now!

What was the biggest and longest drought and where? Are there droughts in Australia?

BTN disaster recovery!

This BTN was about how country’s recover from a natural disaster! When a natural disaster strikes it may take years to recover what was lost! A man was help by the army to find his family after a flood in Pakistan! I understand that the recovery of a place which a natural disaster accord can be a very long time!

Over one and a half thousand people died in the flood in Pakistan!

Are there floods In Australia? Where was the biggest flood?

BTN Africa splitting into two

Did you know that Africa is splitting in half! 

The crack threw Africa is 15m wide and 15m deep. I understand that this crack is destroying things! Will Australia be cut in half?  If so when will it be? Scientists believe it will take tens of millions until Africa splits!

BTN erupting volcano in hawaii

Recently a volcano in Hawaii has erupted destroying homes. It started when a powerful earthquake hit the volcano’s south side! The volcano has been constantly erupting over the past 35 years!

Are there any volcanos in australia? What was the biggest volcano?

I understand that that volcanos are bad!

BTN extreme wether

This BTN was about extreme weather in Australia! In Victoria a bush fire was believed to be started by lightning! There Was also a cyclone in dawen! After the cyclone 23 000 homes were without power! When was the last tornado in Australia? When was the last tsunami?

I understand that natural disasters can kill you!


BTN Ring Of Fire

This BTN was about the ring of fire and what it is. The Ring Of Fire is a line on the earth where most earthquakes start. Millions of people live in the Ring Of Fire. Some of the largest earthquakes where in the Ring Of fire. I understand that if an earthquake starts get to safety.

What was the biggest earthquake in Australia? If the earth had no crust what would happen?

BTN Anzac Day

This BTN was about Anzac day.

Anzac day represents when Australia fought in Gallipoli in World War one. A boy named Anzac his great great grandfather fought in Gallipoli. Over 60 000 people died in that fight.

What was the second fight in world war one? When did world war start and end?

I understand that Anzac day is a big deal!





BTN eSports league!

This BTN was about eSports league!

The Adelaide crows are setting up a new gaming league for high schoolers. The game they play is league of legends (LOL for short). Why don’t they do it for primary schoolers? I understand that playing video games helps with collaboration!

AFL players play video games too! Will they make it for other games too?





BTN of voting

In the 1800’s women wen’t aloud to vote. In 1962 aboriginal Australians were aloud to vote.In 1973 people that were 18 were aloud to vote! I understand that you will get fined if you don’t vote!

Why was it such a big problem for aboriginals to vote?

Who was the second country to let women to vote?