The 50/50 Button! By Joel Simmons!

Ding Dong!

“It’s here!” I shouted I ran to the door! On the weakened I bought the 50/50 button, the last one of the series!

I opened it and threw the instructions out. Then smashed the button with my fist! I was pulled into the button and found myself in an egg. It started to crack…


The egg opened and I saw a dragon’s eye! It opened its mouth and fire came bursting out!

“I’m guessing this is a bad thing.” I screamed running from the fire! The button was in the corner of my eye, I turned and ran to it. As I jumped flying through the air I smashed the button…

HELP! I gasped for air, I was running out of air. CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! I saw my dog Bob eat threw the substance and enjoying it! The only thing bob likes is… cake!

I had a bite and it tasted like chocolate cake! NOM! NOM! NOM! I ate threw the cake with extreme speed!

Finally I was out, and there it was the button!

“Wonder where I’m going to go next!”


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The Big Red Button

The Big Red Button

You know that feeling when there is a big red button in front of your face and you really want to press it! Well that happened to me today. It started when I went to school. It was a normal day when it fell from the sky, a house, everyone rushed outside to see the house. A boy named jimmy was already there. We saw him go inside and it looked like he disappeared into thin air. We all ran over you see where he went, but all we found was closed door. Bang! The door flied open to a big shiny red button “I don’t think we should press it.” Bill told everyone. Bill is the smart guy, he has a theory for everything.

“Why not?” I Asked.

“Common sense.”

This was the moment when everything went haywire! I pushed Bill into the button! Poof! He dissipated into confetti and turned into a taco. Mr. Fish got very mad, so I pushed the button too! Turns out it takes you to Mexico. There was a party going on too! I could see bill and jimmy having tones of fun. All of a sudden, the rest of my class appeared, even my teacher!


BTN State Laws

This text was about how federal and state government disagree on laws.States use to be separate colonises but they came together.Now each state and territories have their own pavements leaders and their own laws! some times Australia’s two levels of government make different laws about the same thing.

I understand that federal over rules state!

Do local governments get a say in new laws like same sex mirage?

Do the local always get a say in new laws?





The Argument

“What?!?” I yelled in confusion “I ordered chicken ‘n’ chips and you gave me a beef burger”

“I’m sorry we don’t give re-funds” Said the employee.

“Well can I have my money back?”




“I hate you!”


“Well you took that like a man.”

“I am a man.”

“You look like a girl.”

“Your mean.”

“No your mean”


“I hate Yummy House.” I said as I left Yummy House.

Dog and Tomas

One bright and sunny morning there was a monster named Dog. He likes to collect buttons and shoot missiles at tanks and planes. But one day a Rainbow Cow came to throw pies at him! So he ate a big cheesecake and threw his pants back at him!


Then Dog glued a bomb to the Rainbow Cow’s massive head. Then Tomas the tank engine rammed the Rainbow Cow and he flew into space! Now Tomas and Dog live together and are very rich!!!



All the underlined words are random words!

How to be a pineapple

1.   First you need to go online and look-up pineapple suit.

2.   Go onto a website.

3.   Find your suit.

4.   Press the add to cart button.

5.   Press the pay/check-out button.

6.   Put in your I.D.

7.   Press the finish button.

8.   Wait.

9.   Wait.

10.                     Wait a bit more.

11.                     When it comes put it on.

12.                     Now go outside and put it on and scream “I AM A PINEAPPLE!!!” all day!

13.                     Now go home and sleep.

14.                     Now repeat from 12!!!!!


      THE END!!!!!!!!

The epic hats! By Joel!

Broom! Broom! “You go Joel!” Aiden tells me as I vroomed up my engine!3!2!1!Go! I was off! I zoomed to the ball and smashed it! “I got a goal” I yell as I do my victory dance! “Its 1-0!” Aiden says as we started our engines! “You go Aiden and I will go and blow up the other the other team!” I say as we both start to laugh!

“I got hot wheels!” Aiden says as I do an epic save! “Go use it on someone!” I say as I see a dude go zooming around! “I got plunger!” I say to Aiden as he does an epic save! “I’m coming around to you Aiden!” I say as I smash it t Aiden. “He shoots he scores!” Aiden shouts! “Win by forfeit!” We both shout at the same time! “I got pixelated sunglasses!!!” I yell!

“Another match?” I ask Aiden! “Defiantly!” Aiden says back! 3! 2! 1! GO! “Watch this!” I say as I use grappling hook! “BOOM!” I say as I jump off the couch! “You go Aiden!” I say as I grab some boost! “Bang!” Aiden shouts as he scores our second goal! “Me go!” I say but before I can hit it the other team scores! “This looks like a harder match!” Aiden tells me! “Yeah!” I say back a bit worried! “2-1, we have to win!” I Shout! “Pineapple!” I yell as I score our next goal! “Another win by forfeit!” I say as we do our victory dances! “O.M.G! I got the hot wheels shark hat!!! I sy jumping for joy!