Slam poetry Is like the raping version of poetry often used in comport tuitions!

They are normally about government or envierment.

Australia’s slam poetry champion is solli Raphael and is only 13!

Where are the slam poetry comportishinons heled!

Are there any other well know slam poets in the world!

I understand that slam poetry is a real form of poetry!


We were walking around New York when we noticed a camera. We were being videoed!

“We seemed to be on the television.” my brother said! “

“I know isn’t it cool!” I replied

But then I wondered why, I looked around but saw no famous people, then I remembered I am Ed Sheeran son, of course I’m famous. I say hi to the camera, do some backflips and sing a duo with my brother. Then we say bye, do some front flips and walk away!

“Wow that was crazy!” I say.

“I know right!” he says right back to me!

Semester 2 goals thing! To libby!

One of things I wanted to learn is about natural disasters and how they work. I also wanted to learn my multiplication facts, starting with my 7’s, 6’s and 8’s, by practicing at school and with my dad!


With my writing, I would like to improve the way I describe the characters and setting by adding more descriptive words and adjectives I am writing about. I would like to write longer stories like chapter stories! E.g.: 2-3 pages!


Through out the sermester we did learn about natural disaster but not so much how they work, but we did learn about the ways we can protect ourselves and they were our topics for debates! I also tried to practice my multiplication facts (7’s, 6’s and 8’s) at home but didn’t get time due to sports.


I think I did well in my writing but didn’t quite achieve my goal like I intended to, unfortunately I didn’t use descriptive words and ajectives in my writing because I forgot!


Next year I would like to learn how to code well on scatch and ther programs!

I also want to try learning how to count by 12 and 13.

In writing I would like to writer longer stories.

webinar reflection

Today we did a webinar about keeping our information  safe from unknown people. I learnt that privacy is about controlling your personal info in the online world.

12% of young people have accidentally downloaded a virus! Some types of viruses called bad rabbit give you an amount of time to pay bit coins. Also scamming messages can come from anyone, so stay aware at all times because your friends can betray you!

$90 000 000 dollars was stolen by scammers in 2017! A good way to stop scammers is:

Have a strong password and don’t take requests from strangers that might be scammers! Also turn off the GPS tracker!


book reflection!

How To Train Your Dragon 1


This book was about a Viking named hiccup who wanted to get into the hairy hooligan tribe.

In order to get into the tribe he has to pass a test. The test was to catch and train a dragon and win a fishing contest. Then hiccup’s dragon toothless and snotlout’s dragon get in a fight and two huge dragons (green death and purple death) come out from the sea. Hiccup saves the day by blowing up the green death with its own fire and the purple death ran away.

This is one of the eleven books.

The movie how to train you dragon is completely different to the book!