Book Report: 300 Minuets Of Danger

This book has ten different stories that link together. Each story has about 20 pages that are packed full of action. If you like Jack Heath books you might like this one.

Rating: * * * * out of 5 stars!

All kids that are 10+ should have a phone!

We strongly believe that kids that are 10+ should have a phone.

Do you want your child to be stranded a school? I believe that having a phone will allow kids to communicate with others’ they could also call their parents to pick them up from school.It allows kids to talk to friend that are far away.

From my experience I have had lots of fun on a games/apps and learned some new things on them.

Some games can teach lifelong lessons like maths and writing. Some games are just pure fun!

Finally, you can search for anything to help with homework or find out what some a word means.

A phone is fantastic, awesome and helpful!

That is why we think kids that are 10+ should have a phone! And you should too!

Go get a phone!

All children shouldn’t have to play sport!

We strongly believe that forcing child into playing a sport is a bad thing to do! I believe this because they don’t have to if they don’t want to!

Yes, sport is a great way to learn collaboration, teamwork and get fitter but you can’t a kid into doing something they may not want to. Do you really think forcing a child into playing a sport is a good thing!?

Some people may go for a jog every morning so why should you play sport? Secondly some children may not be good at sport or not have the skills that are used in that sport!

As you can see I really think that all children shouldn’t have to play sport and you should to!