100 wc week 1 term 3

Poof a magic door suddenly appeared in front of me. I thought about going in but decided to stay away because I could see on the other side there was a volcano. I could feel the heat from where I was standing, I started to sweat so I walked away from the door and pulled out my wand. Zap, ZAP, ZAP! I shot my magic lightning bolts at the door but it didn’t work. So I built a shed around it and left it there! In the morning I went back to see if it was there, but luckily it was gone!

The Big Red Button

The Big Red Button

You know that feeling when there is a big red button in front of your face and you really want to press it! Well that happened to me today. It started when I went to school. It was a normal day when it fell from the sky, a house, everyone rushed outside to see the house. A boy named jimmy was already there. We saw him go inside and it looked like he disappeared into thin air. We all ran over you see where he went, but all we found was closed door. Bang! The door flied open to a big shiny red button “I don’t think we should press it.” Bill told everyone. Bill is the smart guy, he has a theory for everything.

“Why not?” I Asked.

“Common sense.”

This was the moment when everything went haywire! I pushed Bill into the button! Poof! He dissipated into confetti and turned into a taco. Mr. Fish got very mad, so I pushed the button too! Turns out it takes you to Mexico. There was a party going on too! I could see bill and jimmy having tones of fun. All of a sudden, the rest of my class appeared, even my teacher!


BTN don’t panic

This BTN was about two family facing fake natural disasters! The Mathews family were facing a bush fire and the other family were facing a cyclone! In a cyclone you should not drive! In a bush fire you should not climb on the roof! What was the worst bush fire in Australia? Are there cyclones in Australia?

Fill the bath with water in a bush fire and stay inside in a cyclone! I understand that practising for a natural disaster is a good idea!

100wc week9 term2

It was Sunday when Cate went to her skateboarding competition. She entered because she wanted to show the town that she was the best skater. The judge was last year’s winner. She was performing the super flipping flip! No one had ever done that trick! When she showed up they asked her to go first! She was very worried, but she accepted. When she started she went fast, faster than the speed of light! Whoosh! She went flying into the air doing the super flipping flip! Then she landed perfectly! Her leg was in agony from the landing however, she couldn’t believe what she had done!

All kids that are 10+ should have a phone!

We strongly believe that kids that are 10+ should have a phone.

Do you want your child to be stranded a school? I believe that having a phone will allow kids to communicate with others’ they could also call their parents to pick them up from school.It allows kids to talk to friend that are far away.

From my experience I have had lots of fun on a games/apps and learned some new things on them.

Some games can teach lifelong lessons like maths and writing. Some games are just pure fun!

Finally, you can search for anything to help with homework or find out what some a word means.

A phone is fantastic, awesome and helpful!

That is why we think kids that are 10+ should have a phone! And you should too!

Go get a phone!

BTN Cape Town water crisis

This BTN was about the Cape Town water crisis. In Cape Town the water is running low and might be shut down soon. I understand that you can run out of water when in a drought. People get really excited when rain comes in Cape Town because there will be more water. This has been going for a couple of years now!

What was the biggest and longest drought and where? Are there droughts in Australia?

100wc week8 term2

It was a bright pink morning when Tom was baking a cake for his mum’s birthday! He sprinkled some sugar on the top of the cake. His dad had bought he brightest daffodil in town to give to my mum. The daffodil was huge. They went to by a present at the store across the bridge! They came back and sung happy birthday and had cake. Then they went swimming with family and went to the movies to see jaws (his mum’s favourite movie.)

When they got home the play Heads Up they had lots of fun on that day!

All children shouldn’t have to play sport!

We strongly believe that forcing child into playing a sport is a bad thing to do! I believe this because they don’t have to if they don’t want to!

Yes, sport is a great way to learn collaboration, teamwork and get fitter but you can’t a kid into doing something they may not want to. Do you really think forcing a child into playing a sport is a good thing!?

Some people may go for a jog every morning so why should you play sport? Secondly some children may not be good at sport or not have the skills that are used in that sport!

As you can see I really think that all children shouldn’t have to play sport and you should to!

BTN disaster recovery!

This BTN was about how country’s recover from a natural disaster! When a natural disaster strikes it may take years to recover what was lost! A man was help by the army to find his family after a flood in Pakistan! I understand that the recovery of a place which a natural disaster accord can be a very long time!

Over one and a half thousand people died in the flood in Pakistan!

Are there floods In Australia? Where was the biggest flood?

100wc week 7 term 2

*Plop* I felt a tiny spiky ball fall onto my head. it was a windy day when I was outside of school reading a book about dragon and vikings when the spiky thing fell on my head. It rolled down into my lap and I piked it up, looked at it, then tossed it away!


*AGGGHHHH!* My town was screaming as we fell of the tree! Me and my people live on a spiky object which is attached to a tree, well it WAS until the wind blew it off! It is going to take weeks to clean up this mess!